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If you can understand your dreams,

you can understand, and CHANGE, your life!

My name is Alicia...and I'm a Dreamer 

Even as a child I was a dreamer, however, once I said "yes" to Jesus, my dream life opened up in a way I could have never imagined. Right away God began to show me my calling in ministry, as well as His desire for me to become more like His Son.  


Being an extremely visual and creative person, it's natural that I love dreams and visions. I'm simply built that way...and if you are reading this, perhaps you are as well. 




The bible says that God is the SAME, yesterday, today, and forever!  Dreams are a valuable tool that God used throughout the Scriptures to communicate with His people and He still uses it today!  


While we live in a physical, or natural, realm, WE ARE SPIRIT...and there is a spirit realm that is very real!


Dreams are a gateway to the spirit realm.


What you see in your dreams has had, or can have, an affect on your physical life.  You must understand that there are external spiritual forces working against you to try to prevent you from living the life you are designed to live and from fulfilling your purpose. The good news is THERE ARE MORE FOR YOU THAN AGAINST YOU and you need to know how to effectively deal with both!  

I cannot tell you how much learning to understand my dreams and how to appropriate them has changed my life!

My mission is to help you gain a better understanding of your dream language, help you realize the IMPORTANCE of your dreams, and live a better life as a result!


Leverage Your Dreams NOW!


*Would you like to gain a better understanding of

dreams and dream interpretation?


*Can you remember every detail of your dream but you

don't understand the symbolism?  

*Would you like to understand how to appropriate your dreams

for maximum living? 


*Would you like to be able to

identify spiritual forces helping AND hindering your life 

through your dreams?  

*Would you like to help others understand what God is saying to 

them through their dreams?

If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions,


Dreams and Dream Interpretation Course 101

Course 101 is a beginners course for those that are new to understanding dreams and dream interpretation.  It lays a biblical foundation for the purpose of dreams and gives the student a basic knowledge of the symbolic language of dreams. 

By the end of this course:


1.  You will gain a better understanding through biblical studies of the overall purpose of dreams and how to appropriate them.


2.  You will begin to understand your dream language.


3.  You will become more sensitized to the Holy Spirit to guide you into the truth of the interpretation of a dream.

4.  You will understand why sanctification is important in regard to dreams.


5.  You will gain a better understanding of discerning the source of your dreams.

What people are saying about the Course

*I liked how the Dreams and Dream Interpretation course was divided into two parts: a knowledge-based part and a practicum or revelation part.


*I learned so much about dreams I didn't know, and the sharing with others along with this course was such a true blessing in my walk.


*I liked the practicum exercises. They gave me an opportunity to really engage God and use this prophetic gift.


* (I liked) gaining the knowledge about the symbols in dreams as well as studying other dreamers in the bible.


*(The) instructor (Alicia) was very passionate about the topic and genuinely excited for us to learn and draw closer to God with this gift.


*I was TREMENDOUSLY blessed by the knowledge and the revelation that I gained from the course. It struck the perfect balance between structure and openness. Going in, I had an open mind and I am pleased with what I've gained along the way.


*Really enjoyed it. Would definitely take it again and recommend anyone else taking it too. It has created a desire to want to dream more and learn about this wonderful personal gift.

Send us a message if you

are interested in the next session

of this course!

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God speaks once, even twice, and still the hearer misses the point. In a dream, in a vision of the night when slumber falls upon people, as they sleep in their beds, he opens people's ears and seals the matter with a warning, to turn a person away from his action and protect a man from pride, so that he will keep himself away from the pit and from perishing by the sword.



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