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Freedom means different things to different people.  

For some it's being able to take your family on dream vacations every year, for others it's owning your own business and being in control of your income.  However, as many a happy family member or millionaire business owner can attest, while these things can give you a feeling of satisfaction, they too don't necessarily equate to a sustaining revelation of knowing you are free.  Why? Because one year, the economy will be down and your vacation, is now a "staycation", because your booming business has folded.  


Hmmm...let's start here.  There is a void in man that only God can fill.  It's inherent.  It's the reason that humankind in general has a need to search for and commune with a higher power.  It's why most of us innately know "there's more" and we desire to tap into our spiritually "higher self".  For me, and many others, it is the power of the Holy Spirit of God, through His Son, Jesus, that is the doorway to this spiritual realm, and Jesus is the DOOR to experiencing TRUE FREEDOM! 

Through developing a REAL relationship with Jesus and coming to an understanding of our TRUE IDENTITY in Him, FREEDOM IS INEVITABLE! 

What is Freedom?

Freedom to Flourish

I'm talking about Freedom in the very fiber and essence of who you are...deep down in your soul!

Freedom from the wounds you have carried since childhood.
Freedom from relationships that have hurt you.
Freedom from negative words and lies spoken over you.
Freedom from "self" issues.
Freedom from stagnation, insecurity, bitterness, anger, resentment, and more.


And best of all (for me at least) FREEDOM FROM PEOPLE!!!
People's opinions of you - people's mood changes - people's egos...




The bible says be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your MIND - 

and that as a person thinks, so they are! (i.e. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK!)


So what do you THINK about what you SEE when you look in the mirror?  

I'm not talking that beautiful face looking back at you.  No...see beyond that.  

I'm talking about the embarrassing, limiting, negative, and ugly things buried deep within that you don't want anyone to see...and sometimes they are things you don't even realize are there. 




Being able to IDENTIFY and FACE these things are the greatest keys to the DOOR of FREEDOM. 

Listen, we ALL should do some serious soul searching and come "face-to-face" with ourselves at some point, not only to experience and enjoy the benefits of REAL FREEDOM for ourselves, but it's an essential key to having and maintaining FUNCTIONAL and SATISFYING relationships in every area of your life!


It requires work, but if you are willing, you can 




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