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A Helpful Tip for Overcoming Fear

Has FEAR been holding you back from doing something you KNOW you should do?

Has fear stopped you from writing your book? From starting your business? From creating video content or marketing you and your business because you are afraid to be "seen"?

Whatever your dream is, God placed it in your heart and mind to do for a reason. Ultimately, it's usually all about helping someone else.

Whether that someone else is a family member(s), a friend(s), or your "tribe" (i.e. your audience... those people that will benefit from your product or service), if you can remember this one thing, it may help you push through and overcome your fear...


There are people who need what you have to offer. Yes...YOU! There are people waiting for that book... that business... those videos! You may think that your knowledge of sports or cooking or math isn't enough to help someone else, but it is! Your knowledge is VALUABLE!

Why do you think people come to YOU for answers? Because you have them!

I encourage you today to think about the people that you are assigned to help. Think about the solutions you have to give to others! Focus on the freedom, the peace of mind, the joy, the motivation, and so much more that you can bless someone else with; the smile you can put on a face, the strength you can give someone to move forward, the healing you can give a heart. It's a beautiful thing! :)

Thank YOU... for being my "WHY".


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