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hello! I'm Alicia...

...and I'm a


I believe everyone has

God-given gifts. I'd like to help you maximize yours!

When I was a girl, I absolutely loved television. I knew every commercial jingle, Thelma (Bern Nadette Stanis) on Good Times was my inspiration, and I even "directed" (and edited) my little brother, filming him on our VHS camcorder. (*Waaaay back when! LOL)

Performance was in my blood, and it ran deep, but being a shy and introverted girl from Jackson, Mississippi, how could it ever become my reality?

20240409_180017 (1)_edited.png

During my preteen and teenage years, the middle and high schools I attended had drama clubs - Enter… MY DESTINY! I discovered I loved the stage and relished every moment of learning, rehearsal, performance, and simply being in the presence of my fellow creatives! When college rolled around I checked off the box to major in Theater, however, I was advised by my very well-meaning family, that it wasn’t a sensible decision, thus, it became my minor. The thing is, the arts were never minor for me. The desire to be creative has NEVER LEFT ME and I spent years minimizing what I should have been MAXIMIZING!


Today, I am a writer, director, producer, graphic designer, author, teacher, speaker, and yes… still a performer!  I AM a Coach, Advocate, Counselor, Visionary, Minister... I AM... UNBOXED!

It's been a journey that is continuously unfolding... a journey that has been the catalyst of my desire to teach others how to be "UNBOXED"; to shout from the rooftop that you are not "crazy", you're just CREATIVE! And that God specially gifted you to be your unique and wonderfully creative self!


We all have gifts, natural and spiritual, that should be identified, practiced, and used for the glory of God. We need to discover our gifts and endeavor to use them within the sphere of influence that God has called us to. 

Are you ready to start OR enhance your creative journey? Then click here and book a coffee chat with me. Let's see if I can help you on your journey!


Say hello to my sweet

girl, Layla!

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