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Dream Interpretation

If you have a dream you would like to submit for interpretation on our FACEBOOK LIVE program, YOUR DREAMS SPEAK!, please fill out the contact information below.  Please understand that due to the number of submissions received, we cannot interpret or share all dreams.  We will be prayerfully led as to what to share on the show.  If your dream is chosen, we will contact you. Even if we do not share it on the show, we will do our best to send you what we believe the Lord desires to share with you. Thank you.

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Sandra, Atl, GA

Good morning!  I just had to let you know that my Fiance finally called last night and you were so on point with the interpretation of (my dream)....I appreciate God putting you in my path... It's such a blessing to finally know someone who actually has the gift of interpretation. You are such a blessing!

We believe the blessing of the Lord is upon this work.  It is "good ground" to sow into.  Thank you for supporting this ministry the Lord has entrusted us with.  Your donations help us to continue to be a blessing to God's people around the world.

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