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And Then I Started Feeling Pretty...

Are you battling to move forward in life?

Do you have negative thoughts and feelings

about yourself?

Is unforgiveness an issue?

Do you need healing in your soul?

Do you want to be more confident

in your identity?

Are you ready to be FREE to be the woman

that God has called you to be?


Trauma can lead to a myriad of issues within a person. My childhood trauma left me void of IDENTITY and for the better part of my life, “beautiful” was the last thing I felt. However, through the process of understanding my identity in Christ, I was able to identify and uproot negative “seeds”; the lies, trauma, and fears that held me back. I gained a greater understanding of my value and purpose.

I also experienced something unexpected...  


I began to love myself. 


I wrote this book / WORKBOOK to help you do the same! Let’s get to the "root" of what's preventing you from becoming the woman you were created to be.  It’s time for you to embrace your true identity and live your life IN FULL BLOOM! 

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I loved this book because it made me do the type of self-evaluation that I've never done before. This book provokes thought and a deeper analysis of self and what causes us to respond to life and its' challenges the way we do. Thanks to the author for being so transparent with your journey to self-discovery. Your transparency made it easier (although still difficult) to dig deep and be truthful with myself. ... Everyone who is struggling with self-doubt or habitual bad choices should read this book and complete the workbook.

—  Amazon Customer

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