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Are you interested in joining a network of prophetic people that see, discern, and declare the VOICE OF HEAVEN?

Then join DPI today.  

Join a coalition of people who believe in the power of dreams and the prophetic voice of God.  If you are a dreamer, a psalmist, or an interpreter of dreams, and you want to not only develop your gifts, but actually use them for the common cause of expressing the voice of God within the Church and to all mankind...then this is the place for you!


DPI is an organization for Dreamers, Psalmists, and Interpreters of Dreams.  


Our mission is to help you develop your gift of seeing AND decreeing what the Lord is saying to His people.  We also desire to develop a coalition of prophetic people that God is speaking to, in order to release INSTRUCTION, DIRECTION, CORRECTION, WARNING, and DESTINY to the world.

We invite God's people from every nation to join us and share the word that God is speaking to you.

DPI will gather for our first annual conference in the fall of 2017! The conference will include:

    *Dreams and Visions Workshops

    *Prophetic Workshops and Activations

    *Releasing a collective Word for 2018 / 5778

    *Prophetic Psalmist Workshops

    *Worship, worship, and more worship!!!

A dream from the Lord is a WORD from the Lord.  If you have a dream or vision from the Lord regarding the following topics, please submit it here.

The Church (at large)


End Times

Natural Disaster 

Terrorist Threat / Act

Political / Governmental Activities

Please limit your submissions to these topics ONLY.  As we are led, these topics will change and/or be added upon.

Our prophetic team will seek the Lord and release a general word if we receive multiple words regarding a specific topic.  We will post it here, release it on Heaven Speaks!, and disseminate to our members.

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